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EastWorks offers a total service for purchasing engineering products from China, beginning from locating suitable suppliers and ending up to delivery to customer. For this sourcing and supply chain we have developed our own management and documentation system, which we call MPQ System (MPQ – Management-Process-Quality). The documentation of MPQ System consists of MPQ Manual according to ISO 9000 and instructions and forms used in different phases of sourcing and purchasing. Each customer’s project documentation is saved in a data base to which also the customer has access.

Locating potential suitable suppliers is done in different ways, most important ways being earlier experiences of suppliers and recommendations of colleagues and business friends. During the first visit to new supplier a brief evaluation is made and “Supplier Information & Preaudit” document is filled up.
Comprehensive supplier audit is performed after the customer has found the price quotation acceptable, and the supplier has been otherwise found potential based on earlier preaudit. During supplier audit the supplier’s quality and performance is evaluated according to check list and “Supplier Quality Audit” document is filled up.
Depending on the situation a covering frame contract is made before placing the first order or after accepting a trial order completed by the supplier. The frame contract is made carefully to cover all aspects of purchasing. The contract is made either in English or in two languages, English and Chinese, depending on supplier. EastWorks has models which can be applied for frame contract.
After making purchase contract and placing order a continuous cooperation with client and supplier begins. EastWorks’ engineer in China is guiding and following the projects according to plans agreed with the customer. Project management is documented as described in written EastWorks instructions.
The supplier is responsible for manufacturing according to drawings and specifications, and is responsible for the total manufacturing quality. The supplier is responsible for preparing a Quality Control plan for each project and each component they manufacture, and the supplier is responsible for following the QC plan and for all Quality Control and inspections.

EastWorks is acting as a Quality Assurance organization in order to make sure that manufacturing and quality control has been realized according to requirements and plans. EastWorks engineer is making Project Audits according to a Project Audit Plan, and a report of each Project Audit is distributed to the customer and to the Chinese manufacturer. If remarkable nonconformities are found, they are reported and handled according to specific instructions.

Packing for transportation is normally the duty of the Chinese manufacturer, who is also responsible for preparing packing instructions. Shipment can be based on customer’s own shipping contract, or on a contract arranged by EastWorks. Before each shipment EastWorks engineer is typically making a Project Audit to verify the correctness of the shipment.
Supplier relations are developed in long term. Supplier’s working procedures are improved in cooperation with the customer, supplier and EastWorks. The aim is to combine the customer’s best manufacture practices with the Chinese way of manufacture. Long-term supplier contacts are the key element in guaranteeing the quality and delivery.